Thank you so much for visiting our page! Here at Ksongz our goal is to inspire kids through music. There is nothing more precious than making investments into the lives of our children. Our professional team of composers, vocalist, and teaching staff are committed to providing you and your children the best in product and performance.

About Us

We are available for all events where entertainment is needed for children. School assemblies are one of our favorites! We love to have fun with children while teaching songs about anti–bullying & self–esteem.

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What makes Ksongz special?

  • We teach music and much more in our programs
  • Children develop strong confidence through self expression in our programs
  • Ksongz has a host of parent employees
  • Inclusion of children with special needs
  • Family Events
  • Monthly newsletters
  • We offer awesome elementary school assemblies
  • We have Wally Koala :)
Benefits of Music Education
  • Helps develop brain areas involved in language & reasoning
  • Links observed between music and spacial intelligence
  • Fosters creative thinking and problem solving
  • Studies show students that study the arts do better on standardized tests
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