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Raising Kids that Love Music

Music is such a beautiful thing and a huge part of all of our lives. Studies show that kids who are involved in music can often times perform better on test, they have advanced writings skills and have even increased in IQ scores. So how do you raise a child that loves music? Here are a few tips:

1. Sing to your child/sing with your child.
If you spend time singing with your child and for your child, they will see that music is something that you enjoy. If they see how you enjoy it and desire to share that interest with them, they will develop a liking to it as well.

2. Teach them songs.
Teaching children songs gives your child more insight to the beauty of music. Why? Because we are not only allowing them to hear the music but now we are introducing them to the lyrics of the song.

3. Share your favorite songs.
When you share your songs with your children, your sharing part of yourself. Think about it like this, you like your favorite songs for a reason. So, begin to share the stories behind why you enjoy some of your favorite songs.

4. Get lessons for your child
Find out what instrument your child enjoys the most. Then get lessons for them, so that they can learn to play that instrument. This is a great investment and your child will enjoy the experience of learning something new.

5. Go to concerts/musicals/shows with your children
There are several excellent shows for children that promote education and character while using music as a platform. These few tips should help to develop a love for music in your child.

For more information on the importance of music in the lives of kids, check out the video below.

Spending Time with our Little Ones is Great! Need some Ideas? Here are a few you may like

Girl Sleeping1. Have a family slumber party in your living room. The kids will love that! :)

2. Smart phone game night. Pull out your smart phones, pick your favorite games, and have an all out battle. May the best person win!

3. Family talent night. Get together and let's see who really has talent. Sing, tell jokes, dance or even do karate on dad.  (Yes that's a talent)

4. Movie night is always a fun one that the children always seem to like.
5. Regular game name. Actually put the smart phones away and pull out some good old fashion board games.

6. Family bake night. Stay up late and make lots of really good pastries.