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Wally the Koala and Girl

We are available for all events where entertainment is needed for children. School assemblies are one of our favorites! We love to have fun with the children while teaching songs about anti-bullying & self-esteem. Our unique blend of music performance, videos and sheer genius creates a lively and energetic experience that your children will never forget!
Click here for more information on our school assemblies.

Also meet us for our Ksongz Family Fun Night! This is a great night to hang out with friends, the Ksongz staff and Wally Koala! We'll have lots of games, food and fun! Visit our calender to see when the next fun night will be. You don't want to miss it!

We’ve expanded into education to broaden the tools used to reach our children. If we can get our children to write and sing songs that build strong morals and character we are impacting this generation.

Ksongz educational sessions are designed to introduce music from a hands-on perspective. We’ve developed an after-school music curriculum that teaches our children to incorporate relevant core values into song writing. We will walk through the process of song composition, engage in character building activities, explore the mathematics of music and actually record our own song. It's a really cool program!

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