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Mr. Doi gives remarks on how the Ksongz after-school program has been beneficial.

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Why do after-school programs matter?

After-school programs can add to the efforts during the school day by boltering the student's learning experience. The following quote from the Afterschool Alliance speaks to the impact of not only general afterschool programs but those specific to music and arts.

"When well done, the integration of the arts into the school day and into afterschool programs helps build and reinforce important student learning. In this increasing information age and creative economy, knowledge and skills in the arts and music and other art forms are important in their own right, but also help strengthen teamwork, responsibility, persistence, self-discipline, and presenting abilities."
(Arts an Afterschool: A Powerful Combination, Afterschool Alliance)

Offering expanded learning opportunities adds enrichment and learning time which complements the school day. Effective programs incorporate hands-on learning that engages youth to gain knowledge and skills they need for success in school and life. High quality expanded learning scenarios build on school-community partnerships and family engagement in their child's learning. For more resources regarding your involvement in offering expanding learning opportunities, visit some of the following sites.


We no longer have a Music Program in our School, can Ksongz help?

Yes we can! with a combined experience of over 20 years working with music and arts in youth environments, our curriculum reflects an understanding of students educational and social needs.

  • Ksongz firmly believes that nurturing student's connection with music and art education enhances their creativity, interest and success in other subject areas such as reading, math, and science and ultimately a long term self-confidence and resiliency in life.
  • Additionally, we welcome the opportunity to customize our programs because we recognize that each context is unique and may present individual challenges.
  • For example, we understand the budgetary challenges that more and more schools are facing and the difficult choices that often result in the eliminations of student programs.
  • Ksongz will work with you to provide this valuable program at a reasonable cost.
  • Ksongz will help you to enrich the quality of your student's experience by working with the administration to provide a proven curriculum which includes many leadership and teamwork components, a specific emphasis on mathematics in music, and offers students the opportunity to participate in music writing activities.
  • By encouraging students to express their views and creativity our curriculum is in line with the goals and vision of most school administrations. All of this can be achieved at an affordable cost.
  • If ever there was a time to invest in your student's future by providing exposure to the arts and a creative life-changing curriculum, it is now.
  • The lack of funds experienced by many schools today does not have to limit the critical investment that we can make now to ensure student's future success.
  • Please contact us today, as we are excited to share with you how we can collaborate to continue investing in the future of your students in new and creative ways!